Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using the Early Childhood Common Core and Communicating with Preschool Families

 Even though the common core is not yet in it's final draft in Ohio, I am beginning to use the new Core in my planning and working to communicate what we are doing in the classroom to my families. I am undergoing something in my district called "Comprehensive Evaluation."  If I do well, I will have Lead Teacher Status.  So far, it is going well!  One thing I have to do is provide evidence of various things I do.  This is an example of how I sometimes communicate with my families.  I hang up a project in the hall with a short write up and explanation.  Many people in my district are in special schools that have to have work displayed that provides rigorous lessons.  It is often hard to explain this by just looking so this is an example of how I accomplished communicating the project with my families.  I often will type up something similar to this and glue it on the backs of the projects the students do.  This too helps families have conversations about what happened at school!   We still have this hanging up in our hallway.  SO many of the other classes ask me about it and like it.  It is coming down this week so I just thought I would share what we display!