Monday, March 3, 2014

My New Teacher Planner Has Arrived!!!

My new teacher planning book has finally arrived and I am so glad!  I have wanted to order a planner from Erin Condren forever!  She has an amazing website of fun products.  I took some photos of what actually comes when it arrives at your door, so you too may want one!
It arrives in a very "designer looking" box!  I have to say it was very pretty!  It comes from FedEx too, so it was here early one week day morning, when I had two sick children at home. It gave me a project to fill up my day off!
When I opened it, the inside was very fancy!  It was all wrapped in matching tissue and had adorable stickers and samples inside.
This was the first part I could open, but I went straight for the orange tissue and barely had time to snap the photo to share with you here!  I ordered the planner and a set of markers.  I also ordered  the elastic bands that hold your place in the book.
Erin sends you sample labels from her site which are very cute!  I may have to get a few when I run out.  It is a very generous sample!   
 Finally, I got to open it!  This is my new planner.  It has blank calendar pages for each month so you fill in the dates!  It will work whenever you buy it!  It is not set on this year.  In other words, she has no numbered days on the month at a glance pages.  You fill in the calendar yourself. I was worried when I ordered mid year if that were going to be the case!  Mine was on sale too, which I figured was a "sign" that I should order one!
I highly recommend getting one of these if you need something that helps you stay on track at work!  Here is the link to her site!  Go check it out!  And if you are not a teacher, she has life planners that are great too!