Friday, March 23, 2012

Create your own baby animal matching game

We made this animal matching game to help practice the indicators for science this quarter.  We have plenty of cartoon animals and their mothers, but this one is realistic and liked a lot better by the students.  After matching them, we ask questions to probe their thinking skills like, "What do you think Elephants eat?" "Where do you think the Hippo lives?"  These kinds of questions make a simple activity more rigorous for the students and extend their learning.

Crayon Melt Art

We had to try this Pinterest crayon melt idea.  It was one of the first things I saw as I signed up to Pinterest.  What a fun project!  Everyone had so much fun getting to use the hairdryer.  I heard so  many stories about how they had seen blow dryers at home but that they did not get to use them!  We are not yet done.  The picture on the right will be up next week after we melt it.  We plan to do each pair of crayons on the black board and then turn the canvas.  All you need to try this is a canvas, a hot glue gun, plenty of crayons and some kids who like to hold their arm in the air a while to watch the solid crayon turn to liquid.  We plan to use this in our school lobby.  The kids are really proud of it.

Sensory table with tongs and bottles

This sensory activity has been a huge favorite in our classroom this week.  The scissors tongs are from Lakeshore and come in a 6 pack.  They can be used in water or with dry sensory items or to pick up bugs!  The kids have had challenges to see if they can fill the bottle.  We challenged them to just put one color int he bottle.  This was great for the older 4 year olds!  The glass bottles are heavy and work the best.  We used Snapple tea bottles.  We were pleasantly surprised at how much fun they had.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dental Health-Gums

Today we taught the class the importance of gums.  We discussed what gums do, and how they hold in your teeth.  We went around the small group circle and inspected each other's gums and what color they were.  Then at our project table, the students created their own mouth and we photographed them with it.  It was fun!  The eye balls were not glued down so that the child could move them around the face and pick the placement.   Supplies we used: Play dough, Lima Beans, Brown Construction Paper, and Googly eyes!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bubble Art

We all had fun today using our breath to make art!  Each child blew bubbles in a dish of water, tempera paint and dish soap to make bubbles.  Everyone enjoyed watching as the bubbles rose out of the bowl above the bowls.  They put a piece of white paper over the top and made beautiful bubble prints!  It was easy and very entertaining!


Today we worked on drawing circles.  We are starting a new art unit about circles.  We challenged the children to draw as many circles in their big circle as they could.  Then we asked them to count them all up and write the number they drew.  They were so different and each drawing was unique!  This was a fun way to do some pre-writing and get some one to one counting in at the same time.  Many of my students can count much higher than I thought too which was great!

Monday, March 12, 2012


 Worm week has begun and we began by tweezing pretend pipe cleaner worms and rubber fishing worms.  They are gaining great fine motor by using the tweezers.  Most of the students were acting out scenes with their friends like they were on a nature hunt!  The pipe cleaners were our pretend "worms!"
 The rubber fishing worms looked real when they wiggled.  All of our student love these in any activity!  More photos to come when we bring in the earth worms later this week!

Puzzle Twist!

We found this idea on Pinterest and loved it so we tried it!  What a fun twist on doing the alphabet puzzle!  Everyone was lining up to try it!  I highly suggest trying it in your classroom too!  It is fun and challenging for students who already know the way the puzzle.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Murals brighten up our hallways!

Our favorite story book mural in our school was done by me and is so much fun for the students to pass by.  The more of the books we read in class that are included in the mural, the more fun it is to walk the kids by this mural during our school day.  We have often stopped just to have our picture taken next to our favorite book!  Paint one in your school.  We are getting ready to start a new one in our own classroom this month.  We will post it in progress as soon as it is underway!

Magnetic letter game

Creating a quick letter match game provided many 4 year old students with letter practice matching.  We placed an alphabet card to help match the letters but most of our students did not even need it.  They are getting so good at anything letter oriented!  I am so proud of my class!  They really are so smart!

Promoting a Peaceful Classroom

We created a Peace Seat this week to help children have a special place to relax alone.  It has a beanbag, fidgets, sensory bottles, books, and some flowers.  When a child is feeling like they cannot control themselves or that they just need to be alone, they can venture to the peace seat to relax.  We added photos of happy kids smiling and a peace sign.  We are encouraging them to make art work to hang in the area if they choose.  It has been out a week and many students have enjoyed the area already.  There is a koosh ball fidget that they all love!  This week we are going to create descriptions of what peaceful behavior at school looked like.  Try it in your classroom!