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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Preschool Pizza,Pizza, Pizza!

I am so excited to finally share the unit I did with my up and coming kindergartners in our "Rising Stars" program in my district.  We began our week using the awesome book, Pete's a Pizza, by William Steig.   We then branched out and created many fun activities and learning games from pizza.  

Our first one was to teach the class how to act out the story with a partner.   This was probably the best part of the week.  They begged to do it as soon as it was free choice time and giggled the whole time no matter who was partnered together.  
To make this, we used our large roll bulletin board paper.  You could use a roll of packaging brown paper too for the crust.  We then made the sauce and glued this all together as seen in the picture.  We wanted to laminate it, but we had not planned for that at first and it was too wide.  I will laminate my next sauce and crust for sure.  We created the cheese and pepperoni out of fun foam and this is still in use and will last for a while.  Then we placed it out each day on the floor for children to use.  

Here are two kids laughing their little hearts our getting cheese sprinkles!  

This was our completed pizza.  A few days in we added a Parmesan cheese shaker with a real Parmesan cheese container and beads in it, however, I didn't get a photo of that.  When we did it as a group I had a small bottle of "olive oil" that I sprinkled on our first volunteer child, but I didn't give that to the kids so our paper did not get all wet.  
We also talked a lot about shapes this week, and we made these little shape hunt clipboards and walked the whole school to find shapes.  This was a tally mark count activity and they also wanted to repeat this every morning!  

Throughout the week we also did other pizza themed activities you can see below.  
This play dough pizza tray game is sold on my TPT store.  Click this link:
  This game is a math game.  You pull a topping and a number card and then get your toppings made.  
Out last activity was Pizza Smack!  We made numbers on little pizzas and strategically placed them on the large pizza mat we made and gave each child a fly swatter.  The teacher and then later a child would call a number and then the group had to find it first and smack it!  This is a great game.  Sometimes we have more than one of each number and sometimes you have to be quick to get the number smacked first!

We ended our week with this book we I love.  Our final activity was organized by my teaching partner, we made candy pizza cookies and used frosting, candy, and coconut for the cheese!  Hope you will have fun trying these!