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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Starting Off With Pete the Cat! Freebie Included!!

Well my year is off to a great start!  We began with 10 returning preschoolers and ten new ones and we have a great group of kids.  We set up a two day Pete art project at the creation station and every Pete we made is unique!  Day one we cut out the cat.  I am re-posting these instructions for those who missed it last year. This is by far one of my most read blog posts!

On day one we gave each child a folded piece of blue paper.  On it draw the lines as we have here.  We have the child cut the bigger line first and then the small one.  Those create the cat parts!  The child will end up with two pieces for the head and tail.  We have our students put the extras in the middle.  We use those for the kids who are not the best cutters!  Those are our extras which we always need!  This year we used three different blue papers too which added some variety in the cats!
The class really got into putting on all of their parts on their Pete!  All of them turned out unique!  We have read two of our Pete the Cat books and already the students have learned the songs and love the books.  Next up is Pete the Cat and His Groovy Buttons! 

This was my Pete!  He sits at the parent sign in book and starts a lot of great book conversations in the morning with my students and their moms!  They have all been asking who Pete is!  

We made a matching shoe color game and we have been playing traditional memory with it.  This week we are using these same color cards to pair up the kids to have a partner to sit with a t lunch!  This helps my class get to know each other and they love walking with partners in the hall.  Usually we walk down the hall in a traditional line, but on partner days we walk two by two!  The colored Converse shoe cards are a fun way to practice color matching and also a good way to pair up new friends!  I have it here if you would like to try them too!  I print on heavy card stock and laminate!