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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Preschool Field Day Fun

For our last few days we of school we like to do things that allow the students to get out and enjoy their last few days together.  This year we help a small version of what other schools call "field day."  The only difference being we did not go to a field.  We went out and enjoyed as many of our favorite outdoor activities for the day on our playground.  We began with circle and headed out for some fun in the sun.  Top on the list was getting the cots cleaned up after a year of use.  This was by far the most popular part of the day.
They scrubbed hard and loved making bubbles.
These boys really took charge and ran the operation.  Here you can see one child step back checking the others' work to see if they were done or not!

We had all kinds of great things to do...

The parachute became a tent and lots of giggles and even a few kisses were shared!

I think they would still be under that parachute if we had not cleaned up for lunch.  This is the first time I had just left these out for them to play with without any assistance.  It was wonderful to watch them and even more fun to listen to all of the squeals and giggles.

The obstacle course was very popular.  There were hoola hoops and exercise mats with different things to try like skipping. 

The day was fun and everyone had a great time,  They all got to sit and make butterflies as they needed a rest.  The trike track was so popular it will be out again tomorrow!  The year has gone fast!  Last day!