Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday word wall alphabet freebie!

Hi everyone!  I have been getting my room all ready for the holidays and the month of December.  We have made a new word wall.  Grab this fun candy cane alphabet for your classroom too.  We are planning on adding all of our students pictures and names first and then add holiday words and words that begin with our weekly letters.  We are also adding little note pads around the room to allow and encourage more writing.  We have done this in years past and kids love going to the word wall and writing down words that are posted.  It is a great way to help young ones understand that when letters are next to each other they form words!  Hope you get a chance to use these letters in your room!  Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Perfect Videos for the Week of Thanksgiving!!!

I was over at Heathers Heart reading and she posted these and I just had to pass them along to my readers.  These are hilarious!!!  Perfect fun for the last week of school before the break. We have 2 more days!!!  I hope all of you enjoy this week with your class.  My wonderful assistant is out and my student teacher is doing her in charge week but I know I will survive!!! 
I know I am very thankful for my job and the wonderful kids I get to teach and touch the lives of each week.  They are all truly special.  Be thankful for the lives you touch.  Working in the inner city has taught me so much.  Preschoolers are so special.  I feel blessed to have such an important and fun job!  I am also thanksful for all of you that read my blog.  I am up to 7000+ hits and I am so happy.  I have worked hard geting htis going and I  hope it is enjoyable for you and helpful to you too!  Thanks and keep on reading!  Subscribe on the right hand sid of your screen and everytime I make a new post it will be sent to you!  I need subscribers and followers!!!
Hope you enjoy the Thanksgiving videos!!  I loved them!  Worth a good laugh!
I Will Survive!
You Can't Gobble Me!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Drawing lines of various shapes

I am getting closer to being ready to upload on TPT but for now I am giving these to you for free.  Practice makes perfect and I don't think I am there yet!  Enjoy!
                                                               Click here to print the turkey writing practice!

Free Thanksgiving Clip Card Game

I have been busy creating and playing around with my new fall clip art!  I have loved using clothes pins with my students.  They all have enjoyed many counting games that incorporate them.  I hope you do too!  All you need to enjoy this game is card stock and a little lamination!  Grab some clothes pins and you have an instant station!
                                        Thanksgiving Counting Clip Cards

Friday, November 2, 2012

New Pete Books! Who Knew!?

I do not think my students are ever going to tire of Pete The Cat!  I was searching for a preschool easel idea and I came upon these two new titles.  I cannot wait to tell my whole class.  We have two little girls who got new coats with of course, GROOVY BUTTONS!  They are so cute running around the playground singing about their buttons.  I just thought I would link the books here so you can pre-order if you are a Pete nut like me!  And do not forget the book Pete the Cat Saves Christmas is already out!  My own children already love it.  The new ones come out in late February.

What boy won't love this one?!