Monday, April 23, 2012

"Smartie Pants" Behavior Rewards

We began our last positive classroom behavior activity with our students this past week.  The pants you see are filled with Smarties and are decorated.  Each time a student is caught doing something good, we stop, ring a bell, and announce the exciting great behavior.  Then the classroom of students breaks out into cheering for the student.  The student is then invited to sign the wall of fame with other classmates who are also "smarties" like them.  This is a fun way to celebrate mastering behaviors and academics.  So far I love this and am happy to have the pants filled with plenty of smarties.  It is very popular!  I highly recommend trying this idea.  The class has really responded and loves the clapping and cheering for each other.  This makes it all the more exciting.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Brownie Points For Good Behavior

We are always working on ways to positively promote good, friendly behavior in our classroom.  I am always searching for new ideas and fun ways to get kids excited about wanting to behave appropriately.  Each month we add new things to incorporate positive behavior support for every child in our classroom.  We began the year with the Wall of Stars.  This was very exciting and all of the children we had really responded well to this.  Basically, we had a stack of stars.  We lay out a behavior we wanted to see happening in the classroom at circle.  An example would be if tattling was getting bad, we would say today we will be listening and watching for each of you to be working out your problems on your own first, before coming to a teacher for help.  We have a sign on the wall that states, first say, "Stop!  I don't like it when you...."  after this the behavior should stop and if it does not, then the child should walk to get help from a teacher.  We let the children know that this is the star behavior we are working on and each day we focus on different ones.  We also have a bell.  if a child is caught displaying the behavior, we ring the bell and say,"We have a star, Amy was caught.......and she had star behavior!"  Usually this is followed by a lot of clapping and often students will high five each other or hug their friend.  It is a really nice way to be recognized and the class really enjoys this.  We write on the star what behavior the child displayed, for instance:  Destiny helped a friend clean up a spill.   At the end of the month, we celebrate by taking down the stars for each child and then count to see how many nice things each child did that month.  We all then pick out of the teacher prize box and then take the stars home to share with their family. 
This month we did Brownie Points.  The picture above shows our Brownie Pan with the brownie points on the pan.  The brown squares are supposed to be brownies.  Once the child got their brownie then they knew that they were invited to our classroom brownie party!  We encouraged each child and still worked on different skills, but we were focusing on getting each child's name on the pan so that we could celebrate together and all of us could be at the party.  Of course, we worked hard to make sure all could attend and waited until all of the children had a square.  It is fun to work on shaping behaviors of our children and making it fun for the kids just makes shaping behaviors more fun for the teachers too.  I will post our new behavior support later this week.