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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wacky Wednesday Celebration

Wacky Wednesday was on my to do list all year.  We finally had all the details planned out and had our day set!  We read the Dr. Seuss book and got started right as our "wacky students entered.  They were greeted by me in my wackiest creation I could manage...

It began with my students coming in through a tunnel!  This was the best part for my 3 year olds.  They walked past the writing table, but it had puzzles and they were all upside down!
Around the room things were a bit strange and shoes were everywhere!
More shoes!
We create crazy hats to go with our "wacky" theme and our crazy outfits!
There were eyes looking at us in the water beads and we even added shaving cream for extra fun!
With our snack we added ice cubes with plastic flies in them!  This was the best part of the day!  No one wanted to try fly water!

Drawing upside down with markers attached to rules provided entertainment all morning!
We began and ended by reading this book and everyone loved our celebration!  We will definitely be doing this again next year!  
Our last activity, I did not photograph but outside we had hidden the letter "W" all around the playground.  We had each child see how may they could find and they were hidden everywhere.  We just write them with sidewalk chalk all over.