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Monday, April 8, 2013

I Am Back!

I have been working really hard getting my certification for Lead Teacher.  Basically it give me a little more opportunity to make some extra money with extra duties!  It has been a tough road but the first part is over.  I completed my comprehensive with a perfect score on observations and on my collection of evidence!  I was so happy.  Now I am onto the 14 page paper that I have to compose about myself!  It is not easy and I am getting a very slow start!

This month we had a lot of great activities in the classroom.  Our pirate unit really took off and all of the students loved riding on our pirate ship!  
We also used all of the games from my tpt store and it was great.  Their favorite part by far was the Walk the Plank Game!"  I got into full Pirate Character and wore a pirate bandanna all day.  I did my best pirate voice and the balance beam from our gym!  We had so much fun!  Each time I showed them a letter card, if they got it right, they "WALKED THE PLANK!!"  I will be using this game for a long time to come!  They also really enjoyed the hand prints and making their own pirates with construction paper.  Each center game provided lots of practice in counting-especially with our clip game!  I hope you get time to stop by and check out my first product!  I had no idea how much fun I would have making the games and centers!  It is very time consuming but fun!  I am still learning but I think this summer, I will have more time to create!  Below are a few of the photos of our pirate unit!  It was a great one to do in the winter!