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Monday, May 28, 2012

Alphabet puzzle with a twist!

We took our alphabet puzzle outside per recommendation by my husband who is an incredible preschool teacher.  He mentioned how their class takes the puzzle outside and hides the pieces for each other.  Now in my class this took a little organization.  We provided a denim bag with a strap for all of the letters.  We then gave it to a child and they picked a partner. While we stayed in and read a story, these two children got to be the hider of the letters and set up the puzzle as you see here.  We then bring out the class and let them know they get to find one letter at a time.  This helps get in more exercise time so they have to keep going back for their next letter.  This is an activity that they love.  They sit very quiet in order to be picked for the hiding job and they never seem to get bored of this.  They get to do it in the morning during our gross motor time when we try to do something more organized for our class.  We often do parachute play, trikes and cones, and other things that we do not take out when the other classes come out.  We have found that the letter hint is a favorite activity.  Thanks to my husband for making this puzzle (which we did not have any room for) gain new life.  What a great idea!  We would not have thought about taking it outside if he had not suggested it!