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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Holiday Math Activities

Just found this very old blog post I never posted, but a cute activity so here is the post!  
Christmas in JULY right?!...
We have had so much fun this month learning numbers.  My studetns ahve been given multiple activities and opportunities to use dice and also tally marks.  They ahve learned so much and I am proud to say that almost all of my 4's and 5's know numbers 1-10 by site!  They are so excited to tell people too!  In our district, often an administrator may walk in and say what are you learning today, and preschoolers don't always know.  But this week is different, mine actually do!
WIth just a simple set of cute numners and erasers from teh Dollar Tree we made this math activity and my students love it.   They are really liking coutning and also sorting the erasers.  12 erasers come in a pack and they are cute and very colorful.
This little girl wanted to be the first one to show me she could lay this out all by herself.  She is moving onto her teen numbers next week!