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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mini "pretend" Cakes-Recycling Project

My whole class displayed the cakes to dry while we went to lunch.
Alright, I have found the perfect recycling and re-purposing project for bottle lids and play dough that is about ready to be thrown away!  Here is is:  mini stacked layer cakes!  The was fun and easy and engaged all of the students that came to the table.  We gave out a cardboard base from a leftover packaging box, a muffin paper, and then they went to work.  We allowed the students to start off by choosing 3 lids that were all varying sizes and asked them to find the biggest lid for the bottom.  Then, they were off, adding all sorts of colors and lids they created these wonderful mini cakes above.  We got rid of lots of old play dough and did not have to throw it away.  Below you can see the added materials we used to create our cakes:old play dough, muffin papers, sequins, bottle lids from all types of bottles, and seed beads.  We gave each child a cardboard base to put the cake on.  This too was recycled from the cafeteria.  
finished cakes on cardboard base covered with a muffin paper
supplies used for the project