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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Color Activity Posters

This week we are working on recognizing colors and each child is helping us make color posters by bringing in something to share on our poster.  The students have been so excited to bring in items to share.  We put large pictures of colored converse shoes on the tops of the posters to go along with our reading of Pete the Cat, I Love my White shoes.  At the end of our week we are going to talk about what things we could step in to make our shoes turn the colors on the posters.  Then we are going to generate lists of things that come in each color to add to the poster.  For yellow one child even brought in the back of a very large toy dump truck so we put that down on the floor under the poster!  We just loved the giant shoes on top of the poster and so do the kids!  If you want pictures like this, just use Google images and type in red converse high tops!  I right click it and then save and print the images!  So simple!