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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Body Awareness

We were so excited this week to teach and talk about the body and bones in our body!  Skeletons have always fascinated my classes and this year was no different.  As soon as our full sized plastic skeleton was hung the chatter began.  "Is it Halloween?"  They were so curious!  We did this great lesson where we touched and talked about what bones we could feel. Then we connected and created our own skeleton.  They loved this and had fun while they were practicing their bone knowledge.  We gave them cups of glue so that they could dip the cotton part of the cotton swab.  They look great all displayed in the hallway.   Try it with your class.  I am trying out writing all of the new "soon to be out" Common Core for preschool and we did it a little deeper than point to your nose.  The inside of the body is more fun than that, right!!!