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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Letter Activities Everywhere!

Letters have taken over my preschool room and my children are really great at writing letters!  We have taught them many different ways and the amount of letter recognition happening is so wonderful I thought I would share it!  We began sorting letters back in the fall and above is a sorting activity my class did on the easel.  The green line in the middle is for letters that have circles and lines.  
Dry erase boards are one on my class' favorite wiring activities!  Here is an example of a child who just began recognizing her name and she is now working on trying to write some of the letters on her own.  She did this activity all on her own with out being asked (which really made me happy).
This child has been with me a year and he loves the dry erase board because he can fix his "Z" each time until it is just the way he wants it!  

This letter hunt is one of my class' favorite centers.  We set this out on a lunchroom tray at a seat and put different colored bingo markers out to dot the letter.  There is a pencil and bingo marker on the try so that they can do the letter hinting and the letter writing.  All of my students love this and we do too!  I found this on TPT.  Click here to grab this product! It is only $3!
We have places for all of our students to get as much name practice as they can throughout the year.  Here a new student practiced his name by matching the letters on his card.  The letters are blue if they are a consonant, and red if a vowel.  We begin with students matching the colors on their name card. 
I also tried out a basic "write the room" style letter and number hunt for my students.  Some just like writing on the clipboards, but some really like hunting for the letters.  We have a number hunt too!  Here is the station we have set out.  Usually the students partner up and hunt together.  This month to make it more interesting for the students, we will be hunting with lucky "letter glasses!"  They are shaped like shamrocks and are from the dollar store.  I think they are really going to enjoy hunting wight he glasses on!  
This next photo is of the letter cards that I hid around the room for my students to find.  The number sheet they traced the number, and the letter sheet, they circle the letter.  I then have them bring the sheet to me for informal assessment.  They have to find at least 5 of each and then identify them with me.  IT is great fine motor and they love using the clipboards.  All of the numbers had a snowman next to them to help the students find them.