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Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's almost school time again and Pete is waiting!

I cannot believe it is almost time again to begin another year!  I think along with the excitement of planning new things I have been most excited about the new Pete the Cat ideas I have been working on for the summer.  I hope everyone knows that Amazon is taking pre-orders and the new book about Pete comes out in September!  I did this for the last book and my class held a count down.  We used the count down as a math project.  I am going to do this again.   I will post the photo of what I have mad latter this week when I have my classroom more put together!  We had a picture of Pete and he held the count down numbers and we tore one off until the new book arrived.  It made it very exciting.  And now since there is a new one coming again, I think we will do the same!  I posted this picture just to get others as excited as I am about the new book!  More later this week as I get things ready!  My summer class kids are really enjoying Pete and we have only read it once!  I have one student who calls him Pat the Cat!  Tomorrow we are going to read I Love My White Shoes and make shoes for our cats we made last week.  I will post some action shots of their creations.