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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Send Pete On An Adventure!

It is Pete the Cat time again and we are sending our Pete on an adventure.  We have found a nice blue backpack, decorated it with fun foam, and have placed Pete and a composition book in it.  We will be picking one great student to take him home each night, play with him, and then write a story with their parent about what they did together with PETE!  We will then read the child's page in the class book at circle in the morning.  I have done this with a plastic fish but never with an actual soft animal.  I am prepared to have him washed frequently!  He is ready.
I have been working on a parent instruction page too.  I will post that tomorrow as a FREEBIE so check back!  He is ready to head out!  Told me so himself tonight while we were blogging.  I would recommend this activity for preschoolers.  They get so excited when it is their turn.  The fish we sent home last year even ended up taking a bath with one student!  Hopefully Pete will stay dry!