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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Spider Math Grid Game

Grid games are popular in preschool math.  I have a student teacher right now getting ready to use one in my class as a project she is doing at the University of Cincinnati.   I thought I might create one too!  I have made many in the past, but sometimes I feel like my students are only ready to use these with a teacher helping.  Since most of the activities in my room students can do on their own, I usually do not have many grid games.  This year I am trying to create things to get ready for Here is another freebie for you to enjoy!  I have not put anything up there yet!  Still creating my store!  I have already printed it one out on card stock and it is ready to go for my students this week!  
We are in full HALLOWEEN mode and the kids are so exited about the decorations and the colors switching to orange in black in many of my centers.  I am getting it all ready to photograph and post too!  In math this week, here is what we will be doing....a grid game!  I hope you can try printing it out and enjoying it too!  I do have one tip for printing anything that you want to make: Print directly onto card stock.  Then all you have to do is laminate!  Also, card stock in 110 pound weight works best for me.  It is heaviest and strongest and will go through a regular printer. I have used it at school too and the copier in my building can handle it. If you do not have a printer at home, print it and it comes out great in black and white too!  Kids will like it better in color I would guess, but I know that is not always possible.  Colored ink can get expensive.  I have one other tip too:  Card stock is cheap at Sam's Club.  Highly recommend staying away from Expensive office stores!  I paid double at one!  Sam's club has a package for $7.89.  Pretty cheap!