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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Name Recognition Activity

I just learned that any paint store will pretty much let you take as many paint stirring sticks as you want at no charge!  So of course, I ran right out to get some for my class.  We then put their names on it and put the individual letters on clothes pins. The students got all of the letters and had to clip them to the paint stick right above the letters on the stick.  Then we gave them play dough and asked them to use the clips and stand them up in order too!  This is great practice! We helped them learn the names of individual letters too!  I made new ones for my current class.  They are a little more colorful.  I used different colors of Sharpie Markers for each child.  These in the picture were from my summer school class.  I added a photo of each child on the end of the sticks for my current class as they cannot recognize their name yet.  I thought that this may help!  Trying them out this week too so we will see!