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Monday, August 4, 2014

New Activities and Centers for Your Classroom

New activities are now ready!  I have stayed up many late nights and I am now getting better at saving, down loading and creating fun things for us all to use with our students!   My Photo Find games are much like the very popular Write-the Room.  My games are based on basic science for now.  I am in a school where animals are not something people teach their kids.  It is very sad.  I created these games to get my students started learning right away!  These also tie in nicely if you are a Montessori 3-6 teacher.  I am currently finishing up some more of these and all of the continents will be represented.  Much more exciting than just coloring the animals from Asia in the old-school animal books.    Give these a whirl!  You won't be sorry.  They are designed to help those students who need to be moving and learning!

I have also created a few fun units and a bunch of very exciting play dough math games.  Be sure to hit those too!  And please send me some feedback!  Happy shopping!