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Sunday, November 30, 2014

I Am Back with Holiday Cheer!

Well, it has been a busy school year and I have been unable to blog!  So sad!  The things they are having us do now have just had me booked up when I would normally blog!  I want to thank everyone who has purchased some of my new products on Teachers Pay Teachers.  If you have not had a chance to head there I will leave a link!  I am creating things that I use in my room and that have direct link to learning and fun!  My students are really learning a lot from the things I have created.  I hope you will find them fun too!
This month I am featuring holiday fun!  Most of the units incorporate math.  I am finding my little ones really know their numbers by site now and I can move them onto counting things!  SO much fun!
Had over and grab my new math counting game for numbers 1-10.  It is so cute thanks to Krista Walden at Creative Clips!  She is amazing.  I also created a mini math unit that is easy to get ready!  So what are you waiting for- go grab something fun and new for your students for this holiday season!
Here is a little sneak peek!