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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School and Loving it!

We are back to school and my classroom has had a transformation.  Over the summer by principal wanted our walls cleaned so everything came down.  Of course I was unhappy about it, but I am thanking him now.  I redid my color themes and I am almost done!  I have worked very hard to make everything tie together.  I will give you a's a peek!
Above is my book corner.  We have added book buddies to read to and the kids love it.  Below is my new alphabet with barn wood paper background.  We love how our alphabet matches our chevron/chalkboard boarders.  We tied in black polka dots too.
We also made some valences to warm up the place.  We always have tons of great plants for our room too and they have been gradually returning from my assistants home.  
We are working on a "compliment collection" too as incentive for our class to all bring in their supplies, walk quietly in the hallway, use kind words with their classmates, etc.  Each time we receive a compliment, we put a baby Hawk in our nest.  When we get ten, we get a special treat.  The first treat will be popsicles.  

The Hawk is our school mascot and they even make a real Hawk sound when you squeeze them.  I love them!  
I also created new place mats for my art center with yards of black vinyl.  It was so easy and was on sale for $5.99 a yard.  I used this cool white Sharpie I found that was like an old school grease pencil but when dry it is totally permanent.  It gave the appearance of chalk on the black.  I made squiggles that matched the wall boarder.  
Lastly, we spray painted all of the black paper trays in the room which all now are bright!  I will post some activities soon to share!  Hope your rooms are coming along too!  Happy new school year!